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What is the Contract-Jobs Partner Program?

Contract-jobs partner program is an amazing opportunity for passionate minds who are looking forward to growing together, unlocking new business opportunities and getting rewarded for it.

Our Contract-Jobs Partner Program offers people to work with us as Affiliates, Premium partners and contractors depending upon the onus that is on them.

Business Partner

  • Onboard New Employers
  • Receivable Management

Recruiter Partner

  • Onboard New Employers
  • Match, select and place candidates at Employer Site
  • Manage Employees
  • Receivable Management

Employment Contractor

  • Onboard New Employers
  • Match, select and place candidates at Employer Site
  • Manage Employees
  • Run Payroll & Statutory Compliance for the employee team through the Portal
  • Invoice the Employer for the Services
  • Receivable Management

Who Can become a Partner?

Our official partnership program provides a promising opportunity for our partners and clients to associate with us and work-upon their financial strategy to prosper and grow. If you are looking forward to catching hold of our exclusive services and benefit clients, you are Welcome!

You can apply to become a partner, if you are a:

Partnership opportunities for Hr Freelancer – Contract Jobs

HR Freelancer

HR Freelancer who is looking forward to getting in touch with a recruitment agency to become an affiliate.

Partnership opportunities for Recruitment Agency – Contract Jobs


Recruitment agency who can work along with us to maximize the employer database on our portal on commission basis.

Partnership opportunities for Sales/Marketing Experts – Contract Jobs

Sales/ Marketing

Sales/ Marketing experts who can exercise their marketing skills to onboard maximum employers on the portal.

Partnership opportunities for Technical Consultants – Contract Jobs

Tech Consultant

Tech Consultant who is looking forward to earning those extra bucks by onboarding employers on our portal.

How to become a Partner?

Become a partner for Contractual Jobs – Contract Jobs

Well, it’s nothing much of a process!

You just need to fill in the following form with all your details and our fantastic team will get in touch with you and will guide you through from there!

If you wish to work together and achieve success, fill up the form now and come on-aboard.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Well, there are many benefits that shall be borne by you once you become a contract-jobs partner. Some of them are listed below:

Automated Contractual Recruitment System – Contract Jobs

System Automation

  • Massive database of candidates seeking flexible period jobs.
  • Recruitment automation & collaboration platform
  • Payroll & benefits management platform
Share Profits with us – Contract Jobs

Sharing Profits

You will be sharing profits with us based upon your partnership plan and that will be communicated to you with sheer transparency priorly.

Business Opportunities in Contractual Jobs – Contract Jobs

Business Opportunities

All this and more, you will be able to unravel new business opportunities for yourself and grow together with us with utmost ease.